Thank you for visiting Sweet Pickle Photography! I hope you enjoy looking through my photo gallery, as each photo is very special to me. I hold each one very close to my heart. Every person that I photograph has their own story to tell...and I welcome you to join us on the journey!

Sweet Pickle Photography remains active in raising awareness of domestic violence and advocating for survivors of violence.  

Everyone has the ability to encourage positive, healthy and nurturing relationships with family and friends. Project Hope wants to use the power of social media as a tool to empower people and encourage others to spread hope, provoke change, and create a revolution of positivity.

Please check out the Project: HOPE Facebook page and share it with your friends and family to show your support for RESOLVE of Greater Rochester and support women who have been affected by domestic violence. 

Jennifer Lathrop is the owner of Sweet Pickle Photography. She and her two daughters live in Fairport, New York.

Contact Jennifer -

[email protected]

or 585.662.8992

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